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studio 6, DeutschlandRadio Berlin, juin 2001

z | s

Hörspiel 56 mn

Production : Deutschlandradio Kultur – 1999 - 2001

    Collaboration et improvisation:

    Tim Hodgkinson


    Ossatura :

    Elio Martusciello, Fabrizio Spera, Luca Venitucci


Sessions d'enregistrement : DeutschlandRadio Berlin, studio 6 — 18-22 juin 2001
Ingénieur à la prise de son : Thomas Monnerjahn
Assistante technique: Eugénie Kleesattel
Assistante à la régie : Clarisse Cossais
Création : DeutschlandRadio, Werkstatt, 3 novembre 2001

(extrait) z | s 3 : babyfoot italien

" Je comprenais qu'il ne pouvait pas y avoir de mouvement hors du temps, mais je ne comprenais pas qu'il ne pouvait pas y avoir non plus d'immobilité."     

J. L. Borges

An essay on Time

"… each observer would have his own measure of time recorded by a clock he would carry with him: the clocks carried by different observers would not necessarily agree. Time became a more personal concept, relative to the observer who would measure it. … then one had to introduce the notion of "imaginary" time. The imaginary time blends with the directions of space."  S. Hawking

" In z | s, I wish to take advantage of a unique situation and to propose the radio listener a slightly peculiar adventure, in which the object to be perceived, to reveal and observe is Time, his own personal time.

The modality and first condition of the listening experience is to happen in time. Over the radio it deals with sound objects which, once perceived, are integrated in a representation that is built out of time. Moreover, these objects are themselves referring to an other-time (when their source is identifiable).

As a result this listening experience is built upon sound phenomena, (themselves pointing to an other-time) which place the listener paradoxically (and in the same movement) in the continuing present of running time, and out of time. "


Ossatura (1) 

Tim Hodgkinson  (1)

crédit photos: Jonas Maron