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documents ESA / NASA de la mission Ulysses

ROLE                                Solar observatory

LAUNCH DATE                  6 Oct 1990/STS-41 Discovery

LAUNCHER/LOCATION     Shuttle/Kennedy Space Center

LAUNCH MASS                 367 kg

PERIHELION                      208.4 million km (1.4 AU)

APHELION                         809.5 million km (5.4 AU)

ORBIT                               6.2 year, solar-polar, heliocentric

NOMINAL MISSION           5 years;

FINAL SHUTDOWN            30 June 2009

                                         (18 years, 8 months, 24 days)

+ First-ever mission to explore space above and below

Sun's poles - Longest-ever ESA-operated mission+

christian calon

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christian calon
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Le projet Ulysse

When I became aware of the Ulysses Mission around the poles of the Sun, Dante’s Choir could be introduced and Athena found her place complementary to Homer’s, in the narrative. Also, Ulysses could now be traced precisely, just like Leopold Bloom wanderings around Dublin. The parallelism of actions enabled me to think in Space as much as in Time, with Penelope being the  beacon in the tempest, the solid center around whom all actions take place.

Of course, the special bond I developped with Ulysses over the years, makes me grateful to the ESA/NASA team for having provided regular updates on this long and amazing adventure.


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